Health Professionals Speakers Bureau


Every gospel worker should feel that the giving of instruction in the principles of healthful living is a part of his appointed work.  Of this work there is great need, and the world is open for it.”

The Ministry of Healing p. 147


In order to share the wealth of gifts and talents in Central California Conference (CCC), we are establishing a speaker’s bureau of Health Professionals.


We are seeking to identify health professionals to volunteer their expertise to enrich our Health Ministries in CCC.  If you are willing to conduct a one-day seminar in an area of your expertise such as diabetes, hypertension, use of the 8 natural remedies in health maintenance, dental hygiene, mental health, nutrition, physical fitness, women and health, men and health, social diseases, etc.  Please fill out the following information:




Name: _____________________________________________________________________


Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Phone: ____________________________________________________________________


Email: _____________________________________________________________________


Website: ___________________________________________________________________


Title: _____________________________________________________________________


Field of Expertise: ___________________________________________________________


Please identify the health areas that you and willing to address in a one-day seminar.


Licensed Counselors Needed!


If you are a licensed counselor, may we put you on our referral list?  Are you willing to volunteer your time at various retreats during the year?


I want to volunteer my time for retreats

I want to be part of the referral list


Please provide a picture of yourself when submitting your information. (We will return the picture after they are scanned) After compiling this information, we will send you and every church in our conference a booklet of these resources.